TFBK Supplies (Formerly TFB Centre) was purchased late 2019 by Kel & Gilly from Ross & Andy.  Kel came from the Battery Industry and Gilly from the tyre industry.  How we ended up in the Tiles, Flooring, Bathrooms and Kitchens we have no idea, but Kel is definitely a couple of kangaroos short in the top paddock.  All we can say is we will continue to do our best to give you the best price, quality and service we have in our previous professions.



Kel Farrell


Yes, thats my best Barra to date.  It has nothing to do with my background, except I am a Territorian originally, being born and bred in Alice Springs. If you come into the shop I am happy to talk about fishing!

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Gillian Fowler


Gilly is a kind, capable and supportive woman.  She tries to organise her husband Kel, but it is not an easy task.  She loves camping but is usually too busy to go!


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